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The Drayton Valley Thunder Jr. A Hockey Club is accepting applications for the positions of Athletic Therapist/Equipment Manager and Marketing Coordinator (Student Summer Employment)


Athletic Therapist/Equipment

The successful applicant must have excellent communication and organization skills and be able to work both independently and in a team environment.

Responsibilities/Duties for this position include, but are not limited to, the following:

    Assist in the prevention, assessment and treatment of injuries
    Responsible for giving players medical treatment they may need prior to, during or after practices/games
    Provide medical coverage at all practice sessions and games, both home and away
    Develop an Emergency Action Plan for any major injuries
    Provide injury evaluation, management, and rehabilitation of athletic injuries
    Develop a return to play plan for injured players
    Coordinate treatment with physicians/medical personnel
    Provide an injury report/update to the coaching staff daily
    Maintain all medical records pertaining to treatment required
    Coordinate medical insurance claims
    Maintain team equipment:  Sharpen skates, perform minor fixes, cleaning and laundry throughout the season
    Keep an up to date inventory of all equipment
    Order equipment as required
    Participate in equipment budget development


- Respect in Sport-

- Hockey Canada Safety Program-

- First Aid and CPR

- Certified Athletic Therapist

- Criminal Record Check

- Proficiency with MS Office applications, including Excel, Word and Outlook

To apply please forward a Cover Letter and Resume to:

Eric Thurston, Drayton Valley Thunder Hockey Ltd.




Marketing Coordinator (Student Summer Employment)

The Thunder is looking for a Student to fill a temporary summer employment opportunity as a Marketing Coordinator. The Marketing Coordinator must be a self starter who works well with people and can create marketing materials, possess excellent computer skills and has the willingness to sell season tickets and sponsorship advertising.

The job duties are as follows:

1. Develop a marketing plan for the Drayton Valley Thunder to promote the team to all ages and community groups through out the target area

2. Develop a marketing package

3. Develop marketing materials that would include:  brochures, corporate sponsorship package, and a season ticket package

4. Develop a social media campaign including:  twitter, facebook, Instagram, etc

5. Create materials that support the organization, such as: Volunteer handbook, Game Day Guide

6. Develop a game day entertainment package. Research ideas for game day entertainment and explore opportunities to increase attendance at games

7. Develop an advertising campaign for the radio, newspaper, and website

8. Compile data for review and analysis of trends year over year. Identify what advertising campaign works for different target groups.

9. Participate in active marketing and sales to potential sponsors and community users.

The position is available immediately and will be completed the end of August 2018.  If you are interested in this excellent learning opportunity that will provide you with real hands on experience, please submit your resume to Cindy Waronek at

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